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Private Secure Vaults

Hua Hin / Chiang Mai

Phuket opening soon!


  • Reinforced steel & fire-resistant concrete strong room
  • Vault door with auto-generated dynamic passcode
  • Fingerprint scanning
  • Deposit boxes with dual locks
  • 24/7 monitoring of alarm & CCTV
  • 24-hour protection against power failure


  • Strict client confidentiality
  • Privacy protocols
  • Up to 2 registered users per locker possible
  • Private rooms inside the vault area
  • Insurance available
  • Background Checks of our employees


  • Open Monday – Saturday with extended hours
  • Centrally located in Hua Hin & Chiang Mai
  • Access to car park
  • Easy registration with passport or Thai ID
  • Long and short term lease options
  • Short-stay travelers are welcome

The Big Question:

Why should I trust Asian Secure with my valuables?

The practice of utilizing a secure private safe deposit box vault to store valuable belongings acts as a method of reducing potential threats. In light of the current circumstances marked by an increase in domestic burglaries and heightened attention towards personal belongings, it is advisable to critically evaluate the rationale behind centralizing all of one’s assets in a solitary area.

If presented with the option, would you prefer to store your valuable possessions in a residential safe that is vulnerable to burglaries and can be conveniently moved, or would you choose the security provided by a cutting-edge, high-security steel vault that is constantly monitored by extensively trained personnel who are fully committed to safeguarding your valuables?

Parichat Khunjai, CEO

An introduction by the CEO

Our Services

Our Mission

To ensure we are the safest place for people to keep their valuables

To protect our customers anonymity and respect their privacy

To provide a hassle-free experience in an easily accessible location

Secure 24/7

Our location are in premium Grade A buildings with round-the-clock security. Our entire network of surveillance systems consisting of various sensors (smoke, motion, and vibration) and CCTV cameras are continuously monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at control room. At the first sign of any disturbance, our security team is ready to be dispatched at a moment’s notice.


Our vaults are constructed with reinforced steel and fire resistant concrete, making them virtually impenetrable. Inside the strong room, your individual lockers are equipped with dual lock mechanisms that are UL-certified.

Quick Access

Registration is a seamless process with only a valid passport or Thai ID required and availability in all locker sizes. With no conditions for eligibility, we are open to all customers, whether tourists or local residents, for either short or long-term contracts. Our branch is open Monday-Saturday, with long hours. With no queues, you can be in and out within minutes.

Peace of Mind

When you rent a safe deposit box with us, you can be rest assured that we value your privacy above all. We will not share your personal information or allow any unauthorized access to your locker.

Our Experience

Our Mission


Years of Experience

500 +

Relaxed Clients


Security Certificates


Security Team

In Detail

Asian Secure is the best place to store your valuables

Comparison: Asian Secure vs. Major Banks

FeaturesAsian SecureBank Vaults
Main Vault LockDynamic passcode generated and only accessible during working hoursOrdinary key and dial combination mechanism
Service HoursMon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm
Sat 9:00am-3:00pm
Generally open Mon-Fri 8:30am-3:30pm
Customer EligibilityOpen to everyoneRequire large deposit and/or purchase life insurance;
Only for Thai residents
Safe deposit box AvailabilityAll sizes availableLimited availability;
Long waitlists at major branches
Registration ProcessOnly valid passport or Thai ID is requiredLong list of documents required
Contract TermShort term (0-90 days) and Long term (1-3 years) availableOne year minimum term
Entry ProcedureAdvanced biometric technology (access by finger scan)Manual signing in ledger
Average turnaround time while using service< 5 minutes (no queues)30-45 minutes (must pick a queue number first)
Range of Services OfferedOnly focused on providing one single service – safety deposit box rentalBank accounts, loans, credit cards, & many others

It did not seem fair to us that you had to tie up your money in a low-yielding deposit or purchase a life insurance product to qualify for renting a safe deposit box – or even worse, to get on a waitlist to rent a box. It did not seem reasonable to ask for even more paperwork to open an account than the paperwork you want to put inside the box in the first place. It did not make sense for someone to waste half a day to make a trip to the vault to simply access their own personal belongings.


Our Sizes & Prices

Safe Size A

(13.3 x 9.3 x 45cm)

Fast Service

Insurance available

24/7 Service

Up to 2 Keys
(KEY DEPOSIT 4,000 baht)

starting at


Per 3 Month

12 Month – 6000 THB

Safe Size B

(21 x 9.3 x 45cm)

Fast Service

Insurance available

24/7 Service

Up to 2 Keys
(KEY DEPOSIT 4,000 baht)

starting at


Per 3 Month

12 Month – 8000 THB

Safe Size C

(29 x 13 x 45cm)

Fast Service

Insurance available

24/7 Service

Up to 2 Keys
(KEY DEPOSIT 4,000 baht)

starting at


Per 3 Month

12 Month – 13500 THB

Safe Size D

(44 x 20.5 x 45cm)

Fast Service

Insurance available

24/7 Service

Up to 2 Keys
(KEY DEPOSIT 4,000 baht)

starting at


Per 3 Month

12 Month – 18500 THB

Discount 2 Years


Discount 3 Years


Discount 4 Years



Our Locations

Hua Hin Head Office


250/201, Soi 94 Phetchkasem road
Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110

Tel. +66 032 900 241

Shop Area 203 (2nd Fl.) G Mall Hua Hin Resort

Chiang Mai Branch


@Curve Mall – 215/2 Changkan road
Chiang Mai

Tel. +66 097 162 78 32

Opposite to Montfort College

Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need a safe deposit box?

As a private customer, whether you are out of town on vacation or just away from home during the workday, you will have peace of mind knowing that your valuables are being guarded 24/7 in a secure location. As a corporate customer, you will be assured that you have a strong backup outside your office for your important documents or other items in case of fire, theft, or any unforeseen situation.

What should I store in my safe deposit box?

Items that are typically stored are important documents such as property deeds and birth/marriage certificates, physical assets such as jewelry and cash, mementos such as photographs and collectibles, data backup such as hard drives and DVDs, etc.

How can I be sure no one has made copies of my locker keys with a locksmith?

We use keys that are U/L certified, and cannot be duplicated by a locksmith. This allows us to guarantee that only our customers can access their lockers.

What am I not allowed to store in my safe deposit box?

Items that you are not allowed to store are any unlawful materials or any liquid, inflammable, illegal substances, drugs, firearms, explosives, perishable goods, living things, or any other banned or hazardous materials. See Clause 5 of your lease agreement for more details.

How much space is there inside each safe deposit box?

You can see details on dimensions and what you will be able to put inside each box on our ‘Pricing’ page, and you can see a sample of the actual box when you visit our location.

I am a tourist planning to stay in the region for a few months. Can I rent a safe deposit box?

Yes! You do not have to be a resident of Thailand in order to rent a box, all you need is a valid passport and visa.

I am a customer, and my sister is visiting from out of town. Can I bring her to the vault as my guest?

Although she is more than welcome to visit, she will have to wait outside. We only allow customers and authorized personnel to access the vault area.

Should I tell anyone that I have rented a safe deposit box?

The best thing to do is to appoint someone as your Power of Attorney (up to 2 additional people per account), and the next best thing if they are not able to come in person to be registered, is to appoint a ‘Nominee’ who can act on your behalf should you be physically/mentally incapacitated. If you are unable to do either of these, you should inform a family member that you have rented a safe box with us so that in case anything happens to you, they will be able to inform us and complete the necessary formalities without delay.


Do you have short-term lease options?

Yes! We have a short-term lease option for up to 90 days, which is very cost-effective whether you want to rent for a week, month, or the entire 90-day period. Please visit Pricing for more details.

Can I lease a safe deposit box for more than a year?

Yes! You can lease your safe deposit box for as long as you like, and we even offer discounts for multiple-year rentals – please visit Pricing for more details. The other advantages of a long-term lease are that you do not have to worry about renewals every year, and prices are locked in so that even if the rental rates increase, you will not be charged retroactively.

Why do you ask for a security deposit?

A security deposit of 4,000 baht is required to cover our costs in case a customer does not terminate their lease and cannot be contacted, and we eventually have to call a locksmith to drill open the lock. However, if you terminate your lease and do not have any outstanding dues with us, this deposit is fully refundable.

Why is the security deposit the same on short-term and long-term leases?

The security deposit is to cover the costs of replacing a lock and/or safe deposit box in case there is a loss/damage and the customer has not paid their rent and cannot be contacted, so this cost remains the same whether it is for a short or long period. In all cases, it is fully refundable when the customer terminates their lease with us.

Opening a new account

What do I need to open a personal account?

For personal accounts, all you need is a valid passport or Thai ID and showing up in person in one of our branches. That`s how simple it is with us compared to major banks.

What do I need to open a corporate account?

For corporate accounts, you need the following: a) Company registration certificate (issued within the last 3 months) b) VAT registration (PP 20) c) Power of Attorney letter authorizing the operation of the locker, signed by a director of the company d) Director’s passport/ID and/or PA’s passport/ID. In all cases, your fingerprints will be taken onsite.

What will I receive when I open an account?

You will receive 2 keys for your locker (no duplicates can be issued), and a private box to store your valuables in. These must be returned in good condition when you terminate your lease in order to receive the full refund on your security deposit.

Accessing your safe deposit box

How and when can I access my safe deposit box?

You may access your safe deposit box whenever you like, as many times per day as you like (only during working hours). You do not have to inform us in advance. Please remember to bring your safe deposit key, without which you will not be able to access your box.

What happens if I lose my keys?

If you lose your keys, you will have to make an appointment so you can be present when we schedule a locksmith to drill the lock and replace it with a new one (in case you have lost both keys). You will be responsible for the cost of the replacement lock/keys as per price schedule. If you are not the owner of the box, we will only be able to proceed with their consent.

What if I forget to bring my locker key?

We are sorry! we cannot help you. We do not retain any copy of your keys, and our key will only open one part of the locking-system.

What if my fingerprint is unable to be identified by the reader?

In such cases, we will invoke the manual entry procedure, which is similar to banks. We will require your identification (passport or Thai ID) and signature in order to be verified with our records before you can be granted access.

What if I need to get something urgently from my locker outside of working hours?

We try to be as convenient as possible, as we are open 6 days a week and even on legal public holidays. However, our vaults are armed with a strict time-based lock mechanism that makes it impossible for anyone, including our personnel, to enter outside of working hours.

Renewals & Cancellations

How do I renew my lease agreement?

Approximately one month before your contract expires, we will send you a reminder to renew your lease. Please renew before your expiry date in order to avoid any late penalties. You may pay for your renewal via a variety of methods including bank transfer, or by cash.

What if I am not in town when my rent is due?

You may pay for your renewal via a variety of methods including bank transfer, or cash. After your lease has expired, late penalties will be applicable to your account.

What is the procedure to terminate my lease agreement and when will I receive my deposit refund?

You are expected to remove all contents from your box and return it in a clean condition as when you received it. If you have any outstanding dues remaining on your account, you must clear those first. In order to receive a refund of your security deposit, you are also required to return all keys that you received upon opening your account. You will be required to sign a ‘Lease Termination’ form. If cancellation is before 3pm on a working day (not a bank holiday), you will receive your refund in cash within the same day, otherwise it will be given on the next working day, either in cash or transferred to your local bank account.

What happens if I lose my key(s) and wish to terminate my lease? Do I still receive a security deposit refund?

We will deduct the lost key charges and return the remaining amount of the refund to you. If you lose 1 key, you have to pay 4,000 baht, deducted from your security deposit. If you lose 2 keys, you have to pay 4,000 baht, also deducted from your deposit. Whether you lose 1 or 2 keys, the price is the same.

What happens if my rent is overdue and I do not want to renew my lease?

In order to gain access to the contents of your locker, you will have to clear all outstanding rental fees and late penalties first. If you know you will be out of town when your rent is due, it is always best to inform us of your situation in advance so that we can find the best payment solution and you can avoid additional charges.

Do I get a partial refund if I terminate my lease before the expiry date?

No, you do not get a refund on the rental fee, but you will get a full refund on your deposit provided you return the box in good condition, including all keys.

Having additional questions? No problem!

We understand that making the decision where to savely store your valuables is a difficult one. That is why we are here for you through the whole process.

Feel free to contact us!
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